What is the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)? Does Bitcoin Wallet follow these rules?
GDPR is new set of rules for the processing of personal data in Europe for the international IT market. The general approach to the processing of personal data according to GDPR data is formulated in 6 basic principles:
1) Legality, justice and transparency. Personal data must be processed legally, fairly and transparently. Any information about the purposes, methods and amounts of personal data processing should be stated as accessible and simple as possible.
2) Restriction of purpose. Data must be collected and used exclusively for the purposes stated by the company (online service).
3) Minimization of data. You may not collect personal data in a larger volume than is necessary for processing purposes.
4) Accuracy. Personal data that is inaccurate must be deleted or corrected (at the request of the user).
5) Storage Restriction. Personal data should be stored in a form that allows you to identify data subjects for a period not exceeding that necessary for processing purposes.
6) Integrity and confidentiality. When processing user data, companies are obliged to ensure the protection of personal data from unauthorized or unlawful processing, destruction and damage.
Our User Agreement and Privacy Policy (ссылки) are created in accordance with these rules.