What is blockchain technology?
The blockchain technology can be defined as “a database in which entries cannot be changed and which resides on multiple computers at the same time”.
In order to get an understanding of the blockchain technology, you can describe it by the example of books, where the book is a database of certain information (a work of art).
Suppose that a publishing company issues a circulation of a certain book, consisting of 10,000 copies, which are sold in different cities of the world. The person who buys the book gets access to the database, i.e. to one artwork. As you read the book, the reader notices that there is no page or that there are corrections. After that, he may ask the book from another reader and restore the data that is not in the book (the missing page) or the data that seemed to him unreliable (corrections in the text).
In this way:
1) the database is stored simultaneously for many users;
2) any reader may notice records that have been lost or changed;
3) the reader can ask the book from anyone else to restore these records.
On such a simple example you can explain the sence of the work of this technology.